Ron Field Biography

Ron was born and raised in East York, Ontario.

A left handed, self taught artist, he learnt yearly in his life at the age of 9 that he was good with his hands and created his first piece of whittled art, " Donkey with mule pack and tools."

As a teen and into his early 20's, Ron had several years of renovating cottages, boat building and custom furniture under his belt, it was easy for him to sketch his thoughts and then create.
He went to trade school and as Electrical Foreman he worked on the Toronto City Hall, O'Keefe Center and the Ontario Science Center.

He married his wife Doreen and had 2 children, Tami and Todd.
There love for skiing brought them to Mansfield Skiways every weekend as ski patrols/instructors and in 1967 they decided to leave the city life, Ron would build their home, and together start his successful Contracting Business. His passion for skiing and the perfect slope caught the attention of the owners and he was approached to be the General Manager and make the hills perfect for all, he took on the job for the winter months, created the "Blue Goose, snow making machine" and skied the hills in the morning and days off to test the conditions.

Ron built a large scale work shop and it was there his hobby started, restoring cars from the chaise up, body work, welding, mechanics, painting and sewing the upholstery, there wasn't anything he could not do. In his spare time he was also building remote control airplanes and rockets to entertain his kids.

In his 40's Ron decided to try his hand at Decoy carving, signing out birds from the ROM for reference he then entered his first two decoys into the Toronto Sportsman Show 1987 in the Novice Category, Decorative birds, winning 1st and 3rdd prize. He was then getting commissioned work from large corporations for his decoys to be awards to their high ranking employees.

Ron shifted his focus onto wood strip canoe building, restoration of Chris Craft boats which he now design/builds model boats to scale.

For his love of music he builds ukuleles, guitars and any other instrument that tickles his fancy.

In 2008, Ron decided to also try his hand at water color painting and took a course with the late Jack Reid, it was there he was amazed with his technique and how water color can take on a life of its own. He has been commissioned for several pieces for Private Collections.

Garden Art has also been part of his passion, creating welded metal sculptures, carved faces in trees, personalized fairy doors, the creative juices just never stop.
Member of South Simcoe Arts Council,Past member of the Artist of the Gibson.

Ron Field, a husband, father and grandfather. Based out of Orillia, Ontario, Canada. Ron continues to produce beautiful artwork and will continue for years to come.